Virginia Pierrepont

Artist Statement

For me painting is an additive and subtractive process. A straightforward landscape becomes layered with associative memories, paint is scraped away as feelings are dismissed or altered. This Process of building and taking away is almost sculptural; with layers of color massed their substance sometimes removed to create form. I am interested in exploring the subconscious levels of emerging memories by actively painting, layering, scraping and erasing perceived images; the unforeseen marks left behind, often blurred and unclear, become metaphors of the struggle to maintain order in life’s revolving chaos. By examining color, line and the symmetry of spaces in nature, I experience an almost meditative balance between what I see and what I feel. For me elements of nature correspond with human emotions. Studying light and shadow in and around natures complicated spaces helps me paint a visual movement that challenges and strengthens my perception of reality. In plein air painting I am often challenged by time and changing light, forcing me to make decisions on different levels and work rapidly through them, often leaving a faint emotional residue behind. A situation becomes memorable when a perceived knowledge of that place collides with a personal experience into that space. These collisions in life, however small are worth exploring; maybe even on an enlarged scale. I continue to be influenced from teachers past and present, that includes such favorites as the late Richard Merkin, Louis Dodd, Louisa Chase, Bobbie Oliver, Dale Chihuly, Eric Fischl, John Chamberlain, Carol Robb, and Graham Nickson, Clytie Alexander. From the successful days of trompe l’oeil murals and painted finishes, to recent successes as a classic portrait artist, I have emerged into an freer exploration of personal self. Currently finishing a Master of Studio Arts at Johnson State College and Vermont Studio Center.
Virginia C. Pierrepont