Yosuke Ito

Yosuke Ito / Statement

Yosuke Ito, a Tokyo-base artist, has been interested in the mechanism of seeing itself, which includes the so-called “gaze”, “glance” to “memory” and “record.” He has been trying to find a new way of representing the “mechanism of seeing.” You may find that one truth would be on the two-faced world when you would see the thin boards standing with the images in his installation. Through the various types of fixing images on the boards, people could have seeing in a new light. Recently, he has planned projects in collaboration with other inter-media artists like Phill Niblock, a Minimal sound master, and has broadened his work, not only in seeing but also including other senses. Furthermore, he has been an organizer of international exchange projects. Through organizing these works, he has collaborated with many artists from the various backgrounds and countries, which has provided him with new ideas. The relationship of his work between artist and organizer has had a synergistic effect on his art activities.

In 2003-04, Ito had a traveling exhibition which took place in Tokyo (Japan), New York (USA) and Lier (Belgium). This exhibition was called Release/Remaining, and it demonstrated “a hope for communication.” Office paper was placed at the entrances of the installations, and visitors were encouraged to make paper airplanes and to throw them onto horizontal nets of rubber strings which had been strung from wall to wall. Lights were shining from the floor onto the walls through the nets, so that the shadows of the paper airplanes on the nets were projected onto the walls. In those exhibitions, the paper airplanes represented a means for communicating messages. Some of them slipped down from the nets, but the nets gradually filled up with the airplanes, symbolizing “a hope for communication.” A communication was in fact achieved through this work, as the lights projected more and more airplanes onto the walls. At each exhibition, Ito saw that some visitors were in tears perhaps the installations reminded them of 9/11? However, the exhibitions touched on a more universal issue. The interrelational aspect of communication brought him to a new understanding of the interrelationship between civilization and art.

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