Yosuke Ito

Yosuke Ito / Biography

1963 Born in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo, Member of 55 Mercer, New York since 1998

1983-1987 Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo (B.F.A.)

2007 “Floating Landscapes”, 55 Mercer, New York
2006 “Wandering Gaze, Reflected Landscape”, 55 Mercer, New York
2004 “Release/Remaining” with Peter Warnier sound, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium
2004 “Release/Remaining” with Bruce Gremo sound, 55 Mercer, New York
2003 “Parks from Pinholes” with Carl Stone sound, 55 Mercer, New York / Gallery Surge, Tokyo
2002 “Between the Laps” with Phill Niblock sound, 55 Mercer, New York / Gallery Surge, Tokyo
2001 “Fence, a Border, Boredom”, Gallery Surge, Tokyo
2000 “Thin Gaze”, Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne / cuba-cultur, Münster / 55 Mercer, New York
1998 “Fragmental Span”, 55 Mercer, New York / Gallery Surge, Tokyo
1997 “Bridge as a Fragment”, Gallery Surge, Tokyo
1996 “Prepaid Babel”, Gallery Surge, Tokyo
1988 “An Equinox”, Kaneko Art G1, Tokyo

2006 Heilige Geest, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium
2004 Puddles 2004, “Unexplored Body, the Margin in the Five Senses”, Gallery Surge, Tokyo
2002 “Botschaft / Message” with Otto Mittmannsgruber, Austrian Embassy, Tokyo
1999 Puddles 1999, Gallery Surge, Tokyo / CAS, Osaka
1998 Gallery Surge, Tokyo / 55 Mercer, New York
1996-1989 Gallery Surge, Tokyo
1988 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo
1984 Gallery Parergon, Tokyo / Kamakura Civic Gallery, Kanagawa

2004 Director of Puddles 2004, “Unexplored Body, the Margin in the Five Senses”
2003 Director of Puddles 2003, “A Montage toward the Future, on the History and Its Creativity”
2001 “Implantation, Immigration”, Collaboration with Foundation Bad [NL] + W Cube Project [J]
2000 Director of Puddles 2000, an international exchange program
1999 Director of Puddles 1999
1998 Phill Niblock show, Gallery Surge, Tokyo

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